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Blogger Turns 10

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The software to which a lot of writers owe their start recently turned 10 years old. You may want to take a few minutes to celebrate Blogger’s birthday, then, or if not, at least to be happy about the host of improvements Google’s used this opportunity to roll out.

These features were introduced throughout the second half of August, so sorry if you’ve seen some of them before. But together, they represent a pretty interesting collection well worth investigating.

First, there was something that ensured feed readers would pick up your posts more quickly. It’s never fun to have what you regard as a great piece of work just sit there, unappreciated, for a period.

Next came a “Send To” feature for Google Reader that made it easier to share whatever you come across on your blog. And not one, but two updates related to labels.

Another type of “Share” button popped up on the navigation bar next, with a BlogPress app for the iPhone following on its heels.

Finally, there’s a doodad that helps Blogger users support charities.

Impressed? Let’s hope so. Just listing all of this stuff wore out your humble author, and so the people behind Blogger are surely ready for a breather.


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