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If you’re on the lookout for a new blogging service to use, the people seem to have spoken. is far and away the most popular one, with the number of blogs using it expected to pass 10 million this year.

A recent Royal Pingdom blog post stated, “[T]he blogging service is growing with an average of about 11,500 blogs per day. So, if we use this 11,500-per-day number as a starting point, how much would grow in a year? The answer is: nearly 4.2 million. (365 x 11,500 = 4,197,500)”

The post then continued, “If hosted a bit over 5 million blogs at the start of 2009, and if we take the increasing growth rate into consideration, it looks quite likely that could pass 10 million hosted blogs by the end of 2009.”

Impressive, eh? The fact that’s got such a huge user base should tell you that the software does a pretty good job of facilitating writing. What’s more, since everybody’s used to it, it should make your readers feel at home on your blog.

Of course, whatever works for you is indeed what works for you, so don’t feel any pressure to change. The software behind your blog probably isn’t the first thing that’ll attract people to your writing.


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