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Duotrope: The Anti-Writer’s Market

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Not to disparage a fine in-print tradition, but I’m fairly certain published writers tell other aspiring writers to pick up a copy of the latest Writer’s Market tome as some sort of initiation process. They slyly (forgive the adverb) hide their snickers and contempt of potential competition by directing the uninitiated to wade through a morass of irrelevant for-black-gblt-nurses-who-write-spiritual-sonnets-only publishers running the operation out of a basement.

This is the 21st Century and anyway that’s just mean. That’s why you gotta love a resource like Duotrope Digest—like all good things, the site relies on donations. Google can’t really define “duotrope” as a word, and it sound a bit like swallowing, but this online digest/resource is seriously useful for writers wanting to get published.

Duotrope is a database fiction and poetry writers can search to find not just publishers, but descriptions, pay scales, length requirements, genres, and awards. They even keep track of acceptance/rejection rates, average response time, whether simultaneous submissions are okay, et cetera. Pretty much all the questions an aspiring literary type would want to know.

Anyway, beats hurting your eyes and wasting highlighter ink right?


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