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Where to Find Original News Topics

Mariella Posted by

If you own a news blog in any niche, you’d understand how hard it is when I say that finding original stories for your blog might be a bit difficult. It’s so much easier to surf to other blogs and gather stories from them, but you don’t always want to play second fiddle to other blogs now, do you? You have to find ways to gather original stories. Here are the places where I usually get mine:

(Due to the numerous web sites mentioned below, you would need to google them yourselves to find the URLs.)

1. Press Release Distribution Sites

There are many PR distribution web sites to choose from, but my favorites would be PR Newswire and Business Wire. You can select from the numerous categories and add their feeds to your RSS reader.

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2. Search Engines

Yahoo News and Google News are your friends. Between the two, I must say I favor Yahoo News more, although both could definitely help you out.

3. Online Newspapers

Reuters has a web site. So does The New York Times and Daily Mail UK, just to mention a couple.

4. News-syndicating sites.

You can try Slashdot for tech stories and Newsvine for everything else.

5. Word of mouth.

As you continue writing for your niche, there might be times when someone would tip you about a lead.

These are but a few of the places where I usually troll for leads. How about you? If you write for a news site, where do you get your stories from?


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