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Healthy Blogging: How to Take Advantage of Blogging to Live a Better Life

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A recently conducted study by Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne shows that blogging could actually be good for your social, emotional, psychological, and mental health. According to Discovery, the report found out that “people felt they had better social support and friendship networks than those who didn’t blog.” Another result of the study was that “potential bloggers were less satisfied with their friendships and they felt less socially integrated, they didn’t feel as much part of a community as the people who weren’t interested in blogging … they were also more likely to use venting or expressing your emotions as a way of coping.”

In my case, the results of the studies prove to be true. As a writer, words have always been my both my best of friends and weapons when there’s a need for such. Unfortunately, in spite of my gregarious nature, I tend to be quite taciturn in real life. Writing has become my outlet over the years, and as blogging started to boom, this new media became the vehicle of said outlet.

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How do you exactly take advantage of blogging to live a healthier social, mental, psychological and emotion life?

1. Find blogging friends.

Social networking has uses other than promoting your blog. You might be surprised but there’s a possibility of finding good blogging friends along the process. These friends could turn out to be real-life friends, friends who’ll turn out future jobs, and friends who’d be willing to listen to your woes.

2. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Want to rant? Want to express an opinion on something that matters? Don’t be afraid to express yourself via blogging. Treat blogging as catharsis. When you have opinions you want to air, opinions which you want hear, not only by friends and family living close to you but also the whole world, don’t be afraid to blog. Blogging is a tool created to air people’s sentiments, feelings, and viewpoints. Unlike writing on your diary, you’re given a chance for your words to heard by people across the globe. Embrace that fact and know that with blogging, people “listen” to you, which might not be the same with your reality.

3. Don’t get affected by negative comments.

What good would moping about negative comments do? If you want to live a peaceful blogging life, learn how to handle the trolls and move on. Seriously, if you get a heart attack every time you get a troll, you’ll never be full at peace with blogging. Learn to live with negative comments and I guarantee you a more peaceful and fulfilling blogging life.

4. Just have fun.

Even if you make money blogging, you should never forget how to have fun doing it. Seeing it as a way to enjoy yourself makes it easier for you. It also reflect on each and every post you make. If you blog with the intention of having fun in mine, you get to enjoy it more and hence, you get to show a more spontaneous side of yourself. You also get to know yourself a bit better, even providing platform to express your more carefree aspect, just in case you can’t in real life.

Blogging is a great tool to make our lives better. Follow the advice above and follow your instincts. You’re not restricted in the world of blogging. Spread your wings and flock with like-minded people like the flamingos in the pic above and don’t be afraid to say what you think — there are definitely people who’ll listen.


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