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Blog Poison: What To Do When There’s a Nasty Regular

Mariella Posted by

Blog Poison

Previously, we tackled ways on how to handle trolls, and then afterwards, damage control after a nasty flaming incident. While I believe that both give viable advice on how to handle nasty commenting situations, they usually apply to trolls, or those people who prefer acting nasty online due to the security of being behind the computer.

But, as ugly it sounds, there are times when it’s one of your own regulars that’s causing trouble. Discussions and debates in blogs are all good and dandy, but sometimes, it gets so ugly that a person who regularly comments in your blogs and contributes in your discussions spews ugly words you wouldn’t have expected. There are also times when one becomes a tad too opinionated, that many of your other readers feel offended and intimidated. Believe me, comments made by these types of readers put off more readers than flames do. Why? Well, flames are merely mindless, senseless juvenile moronic acts, while nasty comments from your regulars are weighed more by your readers. They’re going to view your blog as a hostile, unsavory community and unless your Perez Hilton, you wouldn’t want that.

Unlike flames by trolls which you can just delete when you want to, nasty comments by regulars are a bit more difficult to get rid of. They will come back and challenge you to explain why you deleted their comments. First of all, there’s no need to become a comment Nazi. Be as lenient as you can get. As long as the comments are not abusive, not offending, and merely talks of an individual opinion, even if you disagree, let it go. When the comments, however, ARE abusive, and offending, and downright nasty, you got to act.

1. Inform your readers the boundaries of commenting from the start.

A good list of comments’ rules in your blog somewhere would be a good idea. If your readers are informed of these rules from the start, they don’t have an excuse when they do act nasty afterwards.

2. Do some quick damage control.

When debates are starting to heat up, or when someone mentions something in an offending tone, act as a referee quick and remind your commenters to be nice.

3. Inform readers of your rule from time to time.

Don’t hesitate to remind your readers about being nice in your comments section from time to time.

Remember, although readers are the lifeblood of your blog, you still own it. You are the master of your blog, and it’ll be your traffic and your readership which would suffer if people deem your blog as a hostile web site. If you lose a few regulars due to the way you run your blog, then so be it. What matters is that you stand by your rule of peaceful, intelligent conversation. I’m sure that what you lose, you’ll gain back twofold in time as your domain becomes a friendly haunt.


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