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Twitter Vs. RSS Feeds

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Twitter Vs. RSS Feeds

In promoting your blog, it is possible that you depend on both RSS feeds and Twitter to notify your readers of your new updates. RSS feeds are a much more common and older way for this. The recent entry of Twitter, however, provides us an alternative real-time way to notify our readers about our recent activities. Both have their pros and cons which we will examine in this article.

RSS Feeds


1. If it’s an email RSS feed, you get their email addresses

Getting your readers’ email addresses is priceless. You can get to start a newsletter to email them. But I believe the best use of getting their email addresses is when you decide to take a vacation and come back after some time. That way, they’ll be notified directly through email of your return.

2. You don’t need to do anything except publish your entry.

I think this one is self-explanatory. Simply publish your entry and that’s it. No need to do anything else.

3. Readers are sure to read the entry once they access their feed reader.

The majority of people reading blogs would normally use RSS feed readers. As long as they access their readers, they’ll get to read your update.

4. People more commonly use RSS feed readers than Twitter.

Since RSS feed readers have been around longer than Twitter, you’ll find a vast majority using them. Many Twitter users are recent converts.


1. People have the tendency to read right from their RSS feed readers and not click through.

If your readers are using feed readers that publish the entirety of your article, chances are unless they want to comment, your readers won’t click through. For smaller sites where every click of their PPC ads counts, this might prove to be a bit disastrous.

2. You won’t have direct contact with your readers through it.

Unlike Twitter, RSS feeds are a one way communication. Your readers would know what’s going on with you, but not vice versa.



1. You can communicate with your readers.

Unlike RSS feeds, you can use Twitter to communicate and form relationships with your audience. You’ll never know which ones you’d form partnerships with and which ones could help you out in the future.

2. Use your number of Twitter followers as gauge of your blog’s potency.

Like the number of RSS feed readers, you can also use your number of Twitter feed followers as a gauge of your blog’s popularity.

3. You can be aware of what your followers are up to and use your findings for your blog.

Since your readers post the goings-on in their lives which are totally unrelated to your, your blog or any of its articles, you can use what you glean from these tidbits of information you might not come across your comments section, and use it to your own advantage.

4. More and more people would use Twitter in the future.

As the following for Twitter grows, the potential for it to become a more viable option than feed readers is great. If you decide to use Twitter, think of it as an investment for your blog’s future.


1. Requires a bit of work on your part.

Unlike RSS wherein which you only need to update and that marks the end of it, in Twitter, you’d need to log-in and post the URL of your story. Not that it’s so bad, it’ll only take a second.

2. Discussions might go on in Twitter instead of your blog’s comment section.

Sometimes, since your readers know you’re paying attention in Twitter, they tend to discuss your posts there instead of your comments section. When something like that happens, learn how to do damage control and shepherd your flock back to your blog and boost those comment numbers up.

Twitter and RSS feeds both have their own pros and cons. It’s hard weighing which one would be most effective for your web site. Using one, however, does not equate to losing the other. A better way to utilize either of them is to use both of them. Use them concurrently and double your promotional efforts.


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