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Is it Time for a Blog Repackage?

Mariella Posted by

You went through a long and difficult phase building your blog. And then, trying to build your readership. Somewhere along the way, you struggle to find the voice of your blog. You find the right monetization model. You work ’til the wee hours of the morning to make everything as it should be, making sure that everything’s to your specifications, right down to the tiniest detail. You spend hours bookmarking in various social bookmarking web sites. You take pains to form connections with other bloggers, participating in various blog discussions, sometimes even foregoing sleep or meals just to ensure that all is perfect. And of course, knowing that you gave your all for your blog, you expect returns. You’d want to see improvements. You expect your blog to give something back to you.

But then the months rolls in and despite all your efforts, you gain nothing at all. You wonder why something like that is happening to you. You get depressed, but after a while, realize that you must be doing something wrong. There must be something which could be done to rectify what you’ve done wrong. And then, you know it’s time to repackage your blog. Sometimes, due to an extreme change in topic, the change doesn’t become successful. Sometimes, it does. But what entails a blog repackaging anyway?

1. Deciding whether to stick with the topic at hand, changing the focus, or changing the topic altogether.

The hardest decision of all, might come from deciding whether to stick with your topic. If your blog isn’t catching up, there’s a percentage that it might be because your topic isn’t that marketable. Perhaps the readership for the topic is limited. But if you did your research beforehand and can say that there is a potential to have a following for your topic, then you have these to choose from:

a) Sticking with the topic and changing your promotional and marketing technique.

b) Changing the focus of your topic. For example, if you’re blogging about gadgets, you can choose to focus on mobile gadgetry.

2. Changing the topic of your blog requires a massive overhaul.

Will your current readers accept the change? Most of them will probably move on and not come back, especially if they’re not interested in the new topic. Another thing you should take heed of is that if your domain name is too specific for the erstwhile topic, you might not be able to use it. Just imagine having the word “nacho” in your domain name when you decide to write about “fruits” in that blog. Still, you might be able to make it work with some creativity and an out of this world explanation for the domain name of your blog.

3. Changing your promotional and marketing strategies.

If you’re going to repackage your blog, you need to rethink and re-plan your promotional and marketing strategies. Although you can use your old techniques such as using social bookmarking sites and social networking, you need to find out what you’re doing that’s no right for the blog. Say, if you’re networking in all the wrong places; find your target market and do your promotions there.

4. Changing your voice.

Changing you voice would be utterly challenging, especially if it took you some time to find your old voice. You need to think whether there is a need for humor, or snark, or perhaps scholarly commentary. While trying to build readership, shift among all types of voice you think might be appropriate for the blog and stick to the one which seems to attract most readers. You can also survey all the blogs in the niche and either try to follow other’s voice or make a difference go the exact opposite — it’s your choice.

Blog repackaging might be even harder than building a new blog. When building a new blog, you’re writing on a clean slate, but with blog repackaging, you’re trying to write over a slate that already has something on it. I believe, however, that if you form the proper strategy and find the missing ingredients, all your efforts would pay off. You just have to be adamant and have enough time, money, and grit to go through it all.


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