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Why You Should Be Careful With Your Words

Mariella Posted by

Have you ever heard the old adage, Sticks and stones can break bones, but words can break hearts? In the blogosphere, words can do so much more than just break hearts. Think of it in perspective. Say, you have someone you truly, and wholly admire. This someone makes a speech. The ordinary reaction of an ordinary person is to be swayed to what that someone says. Even if it’s a bit different from what you believe in, you’re suddenly visited by the thought that “what if” what that someone says is better than what you believe in. Of course, there will always be those who’ll disagree, and those who’re more inclined to see what that someone says as only one side of the coin and find their own truth. But in the end, what someone says in the blogosphere might have an effect on many, many people.

Why? Here are some which I could think of right now:

1. People Look To An Authority as a Model

For example, you’re truly a newbie in a niche. You don’t know one thing about it. But something about it interests you, so research and find this blog which is very famous for said niche. You’d expect everything written there to be something which came off of an authority’s mouth. You tend to believe it, you treat these words of wisdom like they’re something out of a Bible. That is until you research more and find out that not everything you’ve read is the whole truth. That there are other sides to the story. What if you never researched? You’d end up believing what you’ve read in that blog for good.

In short, you should be careful with your words because you might end up influencing someone greatly. And the influence might not always be good.

2. You could spark a debate.

Discuss something controversial and you’ll end up facing several other bloggers answering to your words. When that first happened to me, I was at a loss of what to do. In the end, I learned how to ride the waves, look at other people’s POV and thank them for relaying another side of the story.

3. You could spark hatred and flaming.

If you inadvertently offended a group of people, rest assured that you’ll receive a number of flames and perhaps, hate mails along the way. And boy, do flaming events make debates look so much better! At least in debates, you could reason with the one of the other opinion. In flaming, all people do is curse and hurl hateful invectives in your direction. Anonymity in the internet has given many, the power to say what they won’t have the guts to say in real life. They don’t have to reason with you, why should they? People would curse and insult you all they want. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to go through the “cleaning” process afterwards.

4. Friends might turn into enemies.

Say the wrong words and the closest of online friends could turn into an enemy. You wouldn’t want that especially if you’re in a business relationship with that friend.

In a world where words are the primary tools and weapons, you should always be on guard. Always think twice about what you want to say and never post if you’re having second thoughts about it. Of course, you could take that route by choice, but if not, and you haven’t been thinking of what you’re saying to the world, then you can start revisiting your words from this point forward.


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