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How to Pitch for Guest Blog Posts in Popular Blogs

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Guest blog posts are often equipped with your name and a link to your blog. As such, finding the right venue to guest blog might truly make a difference for your domain. Depending upon the magnitude of the response to your post, guest posting could be a great strategy for your blog. The truth is that I haven’t tried it myself, simply because I haven’t seen the need to do so, since it’s not exactly a well-practiced strategy in the niche I’m currently active in. I do, however, plan to do so in the future and would like to share some tips I’ve gleaned from other bloggers:

1. Find a Suitable Blog

If you know your niche well, you’re well aware of the top blogs in it. Study these blogs and find the one which you think would be more open into accepting blog posts. See if they have a “Write for us” navigation link somewhere in the web page and start from there.

2. Think of what you want to write about.

The topic you’ll be proposing should be fresh, not have been written in the blog before, and should be informative. When you have a topic in mind, determine if it’s right for the blog you’re aiming. You might be in the same niche, but your main target aspect or determining factor might be different. You might be tackling another facet of the niche, while the blog you’re aiming for targets another.

3. Pitch the topic to the blog.

If there is not “Write for us” link anywhere, find an email address to which you can send an email to. Always remember to be respectful and be formal. Liken it to pitching queries to magazines, except customize the query for a blog guest post. Detail your plan and include your credentials so the web master would be convinced to let you blog for them. Proofread your letter before sending to show them that you’re dead serious on your intent.

4. Before anything else, participate in that blog’s discussions.

You might have a better chance at it if you’ve been regularly contributing to the blog as a commenter. That way, the owner of the blog would have an inkling of your language skills and even might be familiar with your blog. This doesn’t promise an increase in the chance of your pitch being accepted, but small things matter.

5. Don’t be discouraged.

If your pitch wasn’t accepted, don’t be discouraged. That doesn’t mean you failed at it. It might only mean that the topic you have in mind isn’t right for the blog or if they’re not that open to guest posts. Try other blogs if that happens or think of another topic to pitch to the same blog.

Guest posting might be a way to increase your traffic, but it isn’t something that’s foolproof. It might end up not sending you traffic at all. But hey, take a look at the bright side, at least you’ll have a valuable clip at hand.


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