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Is Humor Appropriate For Your Blog?

Mariella Posted by

Is humor appropriate for your blog?

Humor is a part of everyday life. Well, at least for me. I may not be the funniest person on earth, in fact, I find myself positively joke-challenged (in other words, I crack the corniest jokes on earth), but I know a good laugh when I see one, and I do appreciate well-placed and well-executed humor in blogs. In fact, I had to learn how to tickle people’s funny bones when I first started writing for tech blogs. Humor is a great vehicle to impart your idea to millions of people across the globe.

Here are the reasons why you SHOULD use humor for your blogs:

1. It can give your blog an angle.

If you don’t know how to attack your topic, humor would be a great place to start. It is a great choice for people who can’t figure out a way to make their mundane topics more interesting or for those who can’t find their writing style for a particular topic.

2. It can give you an edge against your competitors.

If majority or all of your competitors use a serious tone in their blogs, yours will be another one of them unless you have a unique angle to use. If no one in your niche has tried using humor in their blogs before, you might want to consider it. It gives your readers a fresh insight and something different to look forward to. If your competitors DO use humor in their blogs, then you just have to find your own unique funny voice for writing.

3. People will appreciate it.

As was implied above, people tend to appreciate anything novel. They might see your blog as a source of entertainment after a long stressful day at work. With humor, you’ll never know how many lives you change when you make people laugh.

4. Visitors will come back.

If they appreciate your sense of humor, people WILL come back for more. And they’ll keep coming back to read your posts which means you have the potential for a strong following. And hence, a blog with substantial traffic.

While I think that humor is a great way to bring the traffic in and that blogs are a form of media which welcomes it, sometimes, humor can also be detrimental. Here are the reasons why:

1. It can make your blog look unprofessional.

Corporate blogs, for example, could be seen as an extension of the company itself. Blogging for corporate blogs means you’re representing the company in question. Humor presents a more light-hearted, more laid-back and more intimate take on subjects. Definitely not something to be used for highly-professional blogs. Although I’m all for the more unconventional approach, since it might actually convert to sales, there are niches wherein humor for corporate blogs might just not work and could translate to a falling conversion rate.

2. It can turn off serious clients and/or consumers.

When representing an entity, you always have to put your best foot forward. Not that I think humor makes a blog any less professional, it’s that some clients and consumers prefer seeing a serious tone, authoritative and firm tone for corporate blogs. They come to the blog to read about the products or services they’re interested in. They want to see the company’s level of professionalism. There are, however, also those who appreciate transparency and light-hearted take on even the most serious situations. The best bet you have is to conduct a study on the audience in your niche and see which approach would benefit you more.

3. You run the risk of offending somebody.

When cracking jokes on the fly, sometimes you forget that there might be someone who’d be offended with what you say. Although it seems like a harmless joke to you at a glance, some people might not get it and feel slighted by what you said. Sometimes, when people are presented with something that strikes a cord, they seems to abandon reading the context and go for the more literal interpretation. You can’t help it if you’re going to use humor for your blog, so just be extra careful all the time, apologize when you have to, and ignore when it’s the right thing to do.


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