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Do You Tend to Follow Rules? Part II

Mariella Posted by


Yesterday, Idiscussed the first three points in Anna Goldsmith’s ( in Copyblogger, of course taken in the blogger context. Let’s proceed to point number 4:

4. Don’t watch TV in the middle of the day.

My blogging gigs are related to pop culture. Not being situated in the United States yet targeting that market, I have to constantly be in the know of the latest news about my niche. Watching television in the middle of the day helps me become abreast of what’s the newest happenings around the globe.

Advantage of my System: I pick up lots of ideas along the way. By watching news and documentaries, I’m making sure I’m up to date with the most recent headlines. It also pays off watching a variety of subjects because I get my best ideas from them randomly.

Disadvantage of my System: I do tend to get hooked up on watching TV especially when what I’m watching turns out to be highly interesting. Sometimes, I get too enamored into watching the next few shows that I end up being behind in work.

5. But do go out to lunch.

If there is one point the original article made that I couldn’t agree with more, it’s this. We need to unwind every once in a while. Although I very rarely actually “go out” literally, I do tend to rest and take it easy now and then, especially on weekends. While it’s important to update your blogs regularly, you’ll have days when you feel drained, and don’t be afraid to take an off day when you’re really feeling under the weather.

Advantage of my System: I get to recharge and get new perspectives from totally unrelated things. By resting for a while, I face the world blogging with a new eye every time. That’s needed to be able to maintain your readers’ interest and at the same time keep your edge.

Disadvantage of my System: I do tend to miss some days whenever I feel too ill to even think of blogging. There are also some days when I sacrifice posting to have lunch with friends or spend some time with family. But really, in the end, it’s all worth it.

With MY take on the points in the original article analyzed, here are some tips on how you can implement the guidelines if and when you really want to:

1. Create a division between work and home.

If you can’t afford a separate office like me, a makeshift office somewhere quiet would also do. If you have a laptop, you can relocate to a part of your house with nobody in it as often as you can. You can also arrange a schedule with the people in your house. Ask them if they could keep the noise down when you start working at a particular hour.

2. Take off your pajamas.

Make it a habit to change into “work clothes” before you even sit in front of your computer. Your work clothes don’t have to be business attire, just something which could put you in a “zone” meant for work.

3. Get to work on time.

If you’re really determined to start working on a schedule, then adjust everything in your timeframe to accommodate it. If you have to sleep during the way so you can work on a particular hour in the night, then do so. Try to reverse or adjust your body clock during one weekend so you can start working on your time of preference when the week starts again.

4. Don’t watch TV in the middle of the day.

If you really don’t want to watch TV in the middle of the day, make sure the room you’re working in doesn’t have one. If it does, take it out for good. You could also change your office location if you like.

5. But do go out to lunch.

When arranging your schedule for the week, ensure that you’ve listed time for play there somewhere. While it’s good to keep busy with blogging, there are a lot more important things in life that you better not take for granted.


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