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Do You Tend to Follow Rules?

Mariella Posted by

Do You Follow the Rules?

Anna Goldsmith over at Copyblogger, listed a number of things a freelancer should do to have a successful freelance writing. The scope of the subject also applies to bloggers although, in my opinion, the post wasn’t aptly titled. Based on what’s written, Ms. Goldsmith has detailed a number of guidelines to lead a more productive professional life, working at home. In a nutshell, Anna made these points:

1. Create a division between work and home.
2. Take off your pajamas.
3. Get to work on time.
4. Don’t watch TV in the middle of the day.
5. But do go out to lunch.

With a blogger’s mindset, do you follow all these? I believe in being transparent, so let’s start with me.

1. Create a division between work and home.

Let’s see…my mini-office is inside my room, which I share with my sister. As much as I do want to have my own office, there’s no space for it in our medium-sized sub-urban home. And at this point in my life, I can’t afford to have one built.

Advantage of my System: My sister tends to be noisy and likes watching TV (which we have in our room). She also likes pestering me during work and tries to test the limits of my patience every once in a while. Sometimes, things get so severe, I run out of the room screaming. Yep, it does get ugly.

Disadvantage of my System: Believe it or not, the noise does me some good more often than not. I’m not clinically diagnosed with sleeping disorder but I might as well be. There’s been something wrong with my eyes for quite some time now and I tend to get sleepy in the middle of work. With my sister producing noise, I’m forced to stay awake and work.

2. Take off your pajamas.

I believe dressing up in something other than your pajamas would help you take on a working mindset. When you’re in your sleep clothes, you tend to get lazy and think about sleep. You don’t exactly have to wear a coat and tie, but changing into something else would help you become more productive. With that said, do I work in my pajamas? Sometimes, I do. There are days when I wake up in the middle of dawn and blog because I need to. There are days when I blog as soon as I get out of bed because I realize I’m behind schedule. I can’t exactly change out of my pajamas in the middle of the night now, can I?

Advantage of my System: I can rush to meet deadlines before I take a bath. I’ve also set my mind to work even if I’m wearing my fluffy bunny slippers. After a few months of wanting to snuggle back to bed when wearing my pajamas, I was finally able to feel as alive as any time of day even in the dead of the night.

Disadvantage of my System: I do panic whenever a visitor (or the mailman) arrives. And there are instances when the pull to go back to sleep is quite potent. But then again, it’s all the same even when I’m wearing something else.

3. Get to work on time.

I live on the other side of the globe from my usual target market: North American and UK readers. I cannot work on time. Knowing what my target audience is, I usually work during my evenings (which is the reason why I work in my pajamas sometimes), all throughout the night.

Advantage of my System: My roommate usually sleeps a few hours into my work, hence the silence I, sometimes, need. Everybody’s in bed, too, so nobody disturbs me while I blog.

Disadvantage of my System: Sometimes, it gets a bit too quiet for my liking. There are even times when the silence drives me nuts. I also tend to be asleep all throughout the day that there are times when I don’t even get to see my family for a few days in succession.

We’ll stop right here for now. I’ll continue from where I left off tomorrow, and add in some tips on how you can follow the guidelines given by Anna Goldsmith in the original article.


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