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100 Favourite Themes + Digg = Server Overload

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Well I suppose you could say I had my digg baptism today, after submitting a post with a list of my 100 favourite WordPress themes (temporarily suspended) I received the full force of the digg effect and my little old hosting account went haywire! I had just installed the highly recommendable Shortstat plugin today and this is what the reading said after a few hours on digg:


So what is the moral of this story? Well don’t brag unless you can back it up! Of course Digg traffic is fast and short-lived so after a few hours things will die down and I’ll be back to my 500-1000 visits per day rhythm again, but if I’m going to use digg in the future, I’ll have to think about bumping up my hosting service or learn how to create a mirror site of the page I’m submitting. I’ll post more about how that works as and when I figure it out. But just to say thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the WordPress themes and if you didn’t get to see the page, fear not, It’ll be up and running again in the days ahead.


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