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What Bloggers Don't Tell You

August 16th, 2015

Ryan Caldwell of Performancing has written a piece on freelancer commitment. Ryan talks about how freelancers can flake anytime they want to because they aren't on supervision like normal employees are. After all, no one will know if we decide not to work. You see, we can work anytime we want to and yes, we can work any time of day. And there are times when we tend to over-commit, thinking we can do anything due to our flexible hours.

1. Probloggers Can Be Lazy Cats One Time and Work-a-holic the Next

I don't think I can express the difficulty of having to finish projects to those who don't write professionally. There are times when we're expected to finish a truckload of work in one day. And believe me, if you think you can finish as much the next, you are sorely mistaken. When your brain is drained, you can't write anything. And as humans, we reach our limits too. I have to work on the weekends most of the time, thinking I could work for days on end for a whole month. Wrong! In the end, I end up taking a week day or two off anyways.

2. Probloggers Can Work Even During the Wee Hours of the Morning

If we have enough kick in us and if we really want to, we can slack the whole day and work all through the night. It's a bad habit, and I do endeavor normal working hours for a sense of commitment. Unfortunately, it's a bad habit that's hard to shake off when you're working at home.

3. Probloggers Tend to Bite off More than they can Chew

Sometimes, I think we think like we're some sort of super humans. When you're working at home, you tend to think that you can do as much as you want to because your time is yours. Well, wrong again. What do you think of burn out? Even if you control your time, that doesn't mean you don't need rest. If you're in this dilemma right now, prioritize, get rid of all the excess, and then chalk it up to experience. Every newbie gets into this situation at one time and every experienced blogger forgets and does it again another time. Take advantage of working at home and be with your family and enjoy yourself more. That's why you chose to work at home in the first place.